Welcome to our Cavy Care Extra's page! This is where we list any animals that aren't rabbits or guinea pigs who we have up for adoption. There is currently no written adoption application for these species so please email us at Aucklandcavycarerescue@gmail.com if you are interested in an animal or animals on this page. 

Cats/Kittens up for adoption

All cats/kittens are de-sexed, microchipped and have at least one vaccination done.  $180 per cat/kitten or $300 for two.

Chinchillas For Adoption

All chinchillas are de-sexed and microchipped. If not housed in pairs are looking for a buddy to be safely bonded with. Adoption fee is $250 per chinchilla

Rats for adoption

All rats are de-sexed and mircochipped. Adoption fee is $50 per rat.


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