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Why adopt from a rescue rather than buy from a Pet Shop or Breeder?

When you go to a pet store and look around at all the items that are labeled as being for guinea pigs, you will find a lot of items. However, just because it has a guinea pig on it, does not mean that a guinea pig needs it, nor does it mean that it's safe for a guinea pig to use. 

We have had many guinea pigs come through our rescue that have fallen victim to improper care just because owners were misinformed in proper care and because there are companies that are out to make money and are not in the pet business because they love pets and want to see them happy, healthy, and live long lives with their owners. 

Adopting an animal also means that you decided to be a part of the solution to help all pets have the homes they deserve, rather than promoting pet stores and breeders, which do what they do for the money and not for the animals. 

Breeders also risk the lives of any and every sow they breed, right now there are already so many homeless, un-wanted, un-loved neglected piggies out there, there is no reason to add to that. Breeders often just breed their guinea pigs for Money, Entertainment, Hobby and/or a past time; none of which have the guinea pigs health and well-being in mind.

What we do differently than to a pet shop or a breeder?

Our animals have been health checked, socialized with adults and children, as well as being handled regularly. We are also sure that they are fed the proper diet, based on their age and nutritional needs, rather than whatever is cheapest. Our number one goal is to rehabilitate and socialize all animals that we get so that they can go to a happy and loving home for the remainder of their years.

Why we decided to rescue Guinea Pigs:

We saw that there were pigs in need of a home and their owner’s for different reasons could no longer provide that for them, we then noticed that while there are many cat or dog rescue’s in Auckland there wasn’t one for guinea pigs so we decided to start up our own and to help any guinea pig in need of a place to call home. We are willing to share our knowledge so that your cavy or cavies can have a long and happy life with you. 


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