All our guinea pigs are desexed before being put up for adoption.

All of our guinea pigs are spayed/neutered and have been to a vet for a checkup prior to adoption. While the adoption fee helps to cover some of the vet costs, our expenses far exceed the adoption fees. 

Click Here to see why we feel that spaying/neutering our guinea pigs is so important. Not only does it control the guinea pig population, but there are also definite health benefits for both males and females.

Not sure if Guinea pigs are the right fit for your home? Why not foster first?
For information on how adoption works and what to expect, read our adoption process page.

Guinea Pig adoption fees:

  • $70 for a single guinea

  • $120 for a pair

  • $170 for a trio 

  • $220 for a herd of 4

Singles (Guineas looking for a buddy!)

Please note: "Single" means they are either in a big group or not yet bonded. We do not adopt out guinea pigs to live alone. They must either go to a home that already has a guinea pig, or be adopted with another guinea from the rescue.




*Guinea pigs already bonded in pairs; they must go together. 

Mixed gender pairs

Minimum cage size of 1 square meter on one level required for male/female pairs.

Male pairs

Minimum cage size of 1.2 square meters on one level required for male pairs.


Already bonded trios they cannot be separated.


Already bonded herds of 4 + 


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