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Frequently Asked Questions

Adoption Policy Questions:

Q:Can I come to your location to just look at the pigs, so I can decide who to apply for?

A: No, because we run the rescue from our family home we require that you go through the adoption process before allowing you to come and meet the pigs. Since your application allows you to adopt any of our pigs, it is not critical to apply for every pig you may be interested in. We also have a few of the guinea pigs out at private foster homes so will need to organise them to come back here for a meet.

Q: If I want to adopt a pair, can I create a pair from two ACCR singles?

A: Yes, but we highly recommend looking at the available existing pairs first. That way you know you have a pair that gets along, and won't have the small risk of them not getting along after you get them home.

Q: Can ACCR reduce the cost of adopting for me?

A: No, our adoption fees cover only a fraction of the cost of what we have spent caring for the pig (Vet visits, food, water and bedding). 

Q: I've adopted from ACCR before, do I need to apply to adopt again?

A: If you adopted within the past year and nothing you said in the previous form as changed then you do not. If it has been longer than a year, please complete the entire application. In either event, please note on your application that you have previously adopted. Note: the screening process is usually much faster for repeat adopters.

Questions on Pairing Your Guinea Pig(s) with One From ACCR:

Q: If I'm pairing my current pig with an ACCR pig, do I need to bring my pig to the adoption meet?

A: Yes, this is required. You will not be able to adopt if you don't bring your current pig as we must do the introductions of the pigs here.

Q: I currently have a male, can I pair him with another male?
A: Yes, we occasionally have single males who we are happy to bond with another male. 

Q: I currently have a female, can I pair her with another female?
A: Yes, we are happy with doing female/female bonds, however as we often have a lot of males in the rescue we may suggest trying a male first.

Q: I currently have a pair, can I add another to make a trio?
A: Yes, we will be happy to help you introduce a third guinea pig, however we do not recommend a male trio.

Q: I'm pairing my current pig with an ACCR pig, who gets to choose the pig I adopt?
A: Your pig and the new pig do. While you can select the pigs to try, how the pigs get along is the most important thing. We will help you determine which pairing is working best. If you have children, you may want to explain to them in advance that their pig will pick out their new friend, so they don't get set on adopting a particular animal from our website.

Q: I'm pairing my current pig with an ACCR pig, if the first pairing works well, should we try others?
A: We generally recommend strongly that you do not do this. The animals will sometimes become more stressed, then not get along as well later.

Q: Can I put the newly adopted pig with my existing pig right away, or will it need to be quarantined for a while first?
A: No quarantine is necessary. All our animals have already been through a quarantine period. They are ready to meet and live with your current pig(s) when you take them home.

Adoption Application Questions:

Q: If I'm interested in more than one piggy, do I need to submit a separate application for each one?

A: No, submit only a single application. You can put multiple animals in the "Is there a particular guinea pig you're interested in" field.

Q: Does specifying a pig in the "Is there a particular guinea pig you're interested in" field require you to adopt that pig?

A: No, you can adopt any available guinea pig in the rescue.

General Adoption Questions:

Q: What happens if my newly paired animals start fighting when they get home?

A: We will work with you to try to resolve the situation. The way we do introductions at the adoption meets minimizes this possibility, but it does occasionally happen. 

Questions About Surrendering Your Guinea Pig:

Q: I need to give up my guinea pig. Will ACCR take them?

A: Yes, but we require a surrender form to be filled out so we have background information on the guinea pig, we do have a surrender fee - However animals adopted from us are welcome back at any time with no fee as we are a legacy rescue so commit to the animals for their whole lives. Please contact us via the contact surrender form.


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