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C&C Cages

C&C Cages have hit NZ!

What are these amazing cages that quickly became the worlds best caging for guinea pigs?

C&C stands for “Cubes and Coroplast”. Cubes being the metal grid system you put on the outside of the plastic “coroplast” base. C&C cages are excellent habitats for your piggies. You can custom build them to whatever shape and size you desire.

What size C&C Cage do I need for my guinea pigs?

I cannot stress this enough – build the biggest size you possibly can! Pigs like a LOT of room to run around and play. I really am not a fan at all of store bought cages. I have not seen one yet that is big enough to house guinea pigs. Pet shops will market them for guinea pigs but most of them are completely unsuitable. 

Pet store-sized cages are glorified litter boxes. Does 7.5 square feet sound like a lot? It's not really. In the grander scheme of things, it is still a very small environment for your cavy. Exercise and exploration space are very important for their long-term health and happiness. Cavies need enough room to do "full-tilt laps." Upper levels should not be counted in providing the minimum square footage. In fact, ramps used to provide access to the upper deck usually take away from downstairs exercise space and count against square footage.

As a guide, for 2 pigs a size of 2x4 grids is recommended. If you have a single pig you could get away with a 2x3 but pigs should not be housed by themselves. They are very social creatures and crave company of their own kind. Please keep them in pairs or larger groups.

What are the benefits of a C&C Cage?

More room and unlimited exercise! Pigs need a LOT of space. Pigs like to explore, play and run around. My pigs love to run laps around their cage. You just cannot get the space in store bought cages. I always recommend floor time, as well or time in the garden for extra stimulation, but having a larger enclosure really will benefit the health of your pigs.

Easier to clean! C&C cages are really easy to clean. You literally just need to sweep up your bedding or take your fleeces out, wash down the plastic with a water and vinegar solution, then put fresh bedding or fleece back in. Voila! 

Much more fun for you as a piggy owner! It’s so rewarding for you to sit back and watch your piggies running around pop corning. It sounds cheesy but I get a real sense of enjoyment and contentment knowing that my pigs are leading a happy and active life. It really does show with their behaviour when they have space to run and play.

More room for furniture! How on earth would you fit in a hay rack, water bottle area, litter box, hidey houses and tunnels into a store bought cage? Answer – you wouldn’t. With a C&C cage you have so much more space to give your animals toys and places to hide. Pigs like to have somewhere they can go to feel safe. I recommend hidey houses and tunnels. My pigs absolutely adore them. 

 C&C Cages help prevent your pets from fighting or bickering! Yes that’s right – it’s proven that pigs really do need their own space. Especially if you have boars. If you have 2 or more pigs in a small cage they really will fight more. Having a large enclosure for them to have their own space really will calm down any confrontational pigs, and can prevent long term bickering or fighting.   

You can custom build a C&C to any shape, design or colour! You have such freedom on what cage design you want to build. You can make L shapes, multi level, add kitchen areas, ramps to upper floors, sleeping areas and so much more! The possibilities are endless. You can decorate with stickers or pictures/posters on the outside (out of reach of your piggies of course) so you could tie it in with any room decor.

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