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C&C Caging


C&C stands for "Cubes and Coroplast”. Cubes being the metal grid system you put on the outside of the plastic "coroplast” base. C&C cages are excellent habitats for your piggies. You can custom build them to whatever shape and size you desire.


  • More room and unlimited exercise! Pigs need a LOT of space. Pigs like to explore, play and run around. 
  • Easier to clean! C&C cages are really easy to clean.
  • More room for furniture! 
  • C&C Cages help prevent your pets from fighting or bickering! Having a large enclosure for them to have their own space really will calm down any confrontational pigs and can prevent long term bickering or fighting. 
  • You can custom build a C&C to any shape, design or colour!
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