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Husbandry & Housing

Husbandry And Housing

Good husbandry is essential with guinea pigs, with many diseases being preventable with adequate care. Guinea pigs do well in a large hutch or cage that is either inside or undercover and free from direct sunlight, rain and windy drafts. It is recommended that a pair of guinea pigs is be provided with a minimum floor space of approximately 1 sq meter; however, the more room, the better.

We recommend the joint use of towels or furniture removal pads with fleece ontop for indoor guinea pig housing. The bedding should be changed regularly to avoid the cage becoming too dirty or smelly. If housed indoors we highly recommend c&c caging.

Info on how to use fleece bedding for guinea pigs.

Ammonia is produced in guinea pig urine, and guinea pigs are sensitive to high ammonia levels in the air. Keeping the hutch clean and tidy helps keep ammonia levels down and avoid potential problems. Waste from the hutch makes for great mulch and compost for your garden.

Cage Accessories and Enrichment

Guinea pigs love hidey holes, so enrichment can be provided by placing things such as hide away castles, plastic tunnels/pipes, cardboard houses and hay nests in your guinea pig’s hutch. Enrichment can also be provided in the form of toys and may provide hours of entertainment for your guinea pig each day.


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